Staff AI Engineer

United States | Data Science | Full-time | Fully remote


About Oden:

Manufacturing is undergoing its fourth industrial revolution, with factory operations increasingly driven by real-time applications that combine process and context data with advanced ML and AI algorithms. This is unlocking a staggering opportunity to improve the efficiency and productivity of existing manufacturing processes. 

As a Manufacturing AI company, Oden is at the forefront of this revolution. We combine large-scale data processing architectures and advanced AI and ML algorithms within the Oden platform so manufacturing operations teams can continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize their production across a diverse set of processes and conditions. We are also building new ways of extracting and integrating deep domain and process knowledge into our architectures - and combined with generative AI, drive real-time assistance to frontline workers as part of their process optimization. 

Our goal is to maximize efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness in the manufacturing domain - to help True Makers Make Things Better!

Why We Do It:

We like to enable True Makers - those who make things - to make more, to waste less, to serve their customers, and to thrive in a competitive world. Help enough makers, and the world can give us all the abundance we want for less cost and environmental impact. 


  • Care about the purpose of the product and company.

  • Are never satisfied with the way things are, but excited about the way things could be.

  • Tinker. You embrace data and different technologies and want to see how they can work together.

  • Live by transparent and scientific thinking. You put in the work to find the best ideas with those around you.

  • Empathize with customer needs and enjoy novel ways of posing and solving their problems.

  • Are happy to put on steel toe boots and hit the factory floor to work with the production manager.

The Role:

As a Staff AI Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  1. Extraction of knowledge from heterogeneous sources, including documents (manuals, standard operating procedures), user interviews, and process data

  2. Representation and management of extracted knowledge - making it queryable by users, models, and other systems

  3. Using generative models that combine extracted knowledge with live streaming data, predictions and recommendations as context to provide operators step by step instructions for process management and optimization.. 

You will work closely with Oden’s data scientists and data and product engineers to address customer needs. You will push the envelope on how AI can provide value to process engineers, operators and materials scientists. This is a crucial role for Oden and requires someone who will uphold the highest standards of quality, accountability, and attention to detail.


  • Interacting with manufacturing customers to understand and pose relevant knowledge capture and sharing problems.

  • Developing and validating models and methods that address these problems and working with the engineering team to deploy these as solutions

  • Generalizing solutions and innovating to create the next generation of product features

  • Engaging with the technical community to present results externally, keep up to date on recent advances, and advance the state-of-the-art

Preferred Experience:

  • 3-5 years of professional experience as an Applied AI Scientist or AI Researcher or advanced quantitative degrees (M.S. or Ph.D. in, Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning, AI Planning or Reasoning) in related fields

  • Experience with unstructured data (NLP, text processing) and Generative AI - especially around enterprise applications

  • Proficient with Python, including most common ML libraries

  • Experience with SQL and GCP is a plus.

  • Enthusiasm to own projects end-to-end, from experimentation to customer delivery

What We Offer You:

  • Measurable impact on the world and the chance to help real people - family businesses, entrepreneurs, engineers.

  • Exposure to many tech disciplines, most of which are rapidly evolving.

  • A bridge between the physical and cloud worlds of tech. Our platform unites big data visualizations with sensors, M2M tech, and heavy industrial equipment.

  • A platform that has the potential to evolve beyond what we have envisioned now.

  • Scientific and transparent thinking, for everyone involved.

  • We have backing by world leaders of both industry and tech that will ensure long term growth and development for us.


We’re an equal opportunity employer (EOE). 

Diversity at Oden means building a team that is rich across all boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age and thinking style. We welcome all backgrounds, life experiences, and worldviews as these are the catalyst for the rapid evolution of our product and our organization. Diversity allows us to tackle new challenges, embrace change, make well-informed decisions, and ultimately Make Things Better. In alignment with our “People First” company value, Oden has a passionate internal team dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusion initiatives as a core component of our culture.

Our diversity initiatives apply to our practices and policies on recruiting, compensation and benefits; professional development; promotions; social activities and the ongoing development of a psychologically safe work environment.


We anticipate the base salary band for this role will be between $140,000 and $240,000, in addition to equity and benefits. This role may be hired at the Senior level ($140,000 to $180,000), Staff level ($170,000 to $210,000) or Principal level ($190,000 to $240,000). The salary at offer will be determined by factors such as the candidate’s experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as internal equity among our team.